School Continuous Improvement Plan

  • Gordon Parks 2016-17

    SCIP Target Page


    School Mission: Honoring the legacy of Gordon Parks by providing pathways to graduation and opportunities for lifelong success.


    GOAL 1:  READING - The percentage of students proficient on Reading MCA will increase by 10% in April 2017.


    • All teachers receive training and implement close reading strategies using Newsela or other content specific reading
    • Teachers implement strategies for writing evidence based claims after close reading to show comprehension
    • Professional learning communities data cycle will include reading strategies


    Evidence: Close reading using Newsela or other content specific reading and writing claims with text based evidence.


    GOAL 2: MATH - The percentage of students proficient on Math MCA will increase by 5% in April 2017.


    • Teachers will engage in problem solving professional development
    • Create problem solving activities that could be used across disciplines
    • Implement problem solving activities in social studies and math classes
    • Teachers will visit colleagues conducting problem solving activities



    • Students will use five easy steps to a balanced math program and problem solving
    • Teachers will implement problem solving structures
    • Teachers will visit each other’s classrooms during problem solving activities


    GOAL 3: DATA-BASED ACCOUNTABILITY AND EVALUATION (COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS) – Identify seniors with 32 or less credits left.  Increase percentage of senior cohort staying on track and graduating


    • English teachers incorporate Naviance milestones into classroom curriculum
    • College and career readiness counselor will update student lists in Naviance and check on student progress as part of graduation checklist through student meetings
    • Counselors will maintain a senior cohort spreadsheet with credit completion and estimated graduation date data
    • Senior cohort students will participate in college and career activities throughout the year
    • Advisory teachers will advise students on their CLP progress (Continuous Learning Plan)
    • Senior cohort students will be placed in the same advisories and English 12 class



    • Senior cohort students remain on track for graduation
    • Naviance milestone completion increases


    GOAL 4: CULTURE AND CLIMATE/PBIS- Decrease office discipline referrals. Increase student attendance.


    • Professional development on PBIS strategies
    • School expectations posters created and posted around the school; lessons created to teach expectations
    • All teachers use the office discipline referral procedures
    • PBIS team creates tier 1 school wide interventions regarding attendance incentives
    • Orientation revised to include interventions for students that have dropped and re-enrolled



    • Staff implement structures regarding school expectations and behavioral procedures
    • PBIS team members implement strategies to improve student attendance