Harding's EL Program and Services

  • The Harding EL program serves students from beginning to advanced English learners.  We currently have 12 EL teachrs and 4 bilingual EAs on our staff.  

    Our Language Academy classes serve students who are just beginning their English language development.  These classes focus on building reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across the content areas.   We offer language academy courses for level 1, 1.5 and 2.

    Our EL teachers also co-teach across many subject areas.  This allows EL students to participate in content classes with additional support provided by having two teachers in the room.  

    Our bilingual staff support students in navigating Harding High School as well as instruction in classrooms.  They also have supported our EL students through tutoring after school.  We hope to start the tutoring sessions again this school year.