Life Science Online

  • Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science Online

    Your Life Science teachers have created this website to help you learn key vocabulary terms and concepts, to see key diagrams, to explore the ideas we are teaching you. At the least, we expect you to meet the standard, but we also want you to become proficient, and even go beyond! Here is how the site works.

    On the top right of this page, (where it says In This Section) you will see important links:

    1. Concept Links: There will be one for each concept- click on them to see what you need to study for each concept. They include video vocabulary, diagrams, key ideas, and animations.
    2. (Coming Soon) Re-Assess Qualifiers: ( Practice Tests will be at the bottom of each Chapter page.) A Qualifier is the same as the practice test, which you takejust  once. If you get a 75 percent or better, you can retake the test with whoever your teacher is. That way you never fall behind.