The IB Diploma Program Exams

  • In May, juniors and seniors take IB DP examinations which are offered in all IB DP subject areas. This is the culmination of the students' work, along with the Internal Assessments they have completed in each course.

    Successful scores on these IB DP tests may also lead to advanced college placement and/or college credits.  Every college or university has its own "IB Credit Policy" and to find it out, simply Google search the name of the college and include the words "IB credit policy."

    At Harding we celebrate all of our students' academic achievements and believe that the real value of our IB DP courses is to prepare students for college-level academics.

    Additionally, students do a variety of "Internal Assessments" while in their IB DP courses (essays, oral exams, projects, labs, etc.) that are equally important as the May exams.  These Internal Assessments are normally due between January and March each year.  

IB DP Testing Schedule - Harding High 2019
IB DP Testing Schedule, page 2 - Harding High 2019