Ms. Regina Wehner



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Regina Wehner

My name is Regina Wehner and I am so excited to be the new Middle School Counselor at Capitol Hill. I have been in the St. Paul District for 10 years and I have worked in 2 different junior highs during that time. I love working with this age because they students are going through such intense transtions in school, at home, and in their own bodies. I work closely with the Elementary Counselor, Ms. Lori "Sunny" Sundelius, and the School Social Worker, Lisa Larson to provide a strong student support team. The School Counseling Program is for every student at Capitol Hill and happens in a variety of ways.

Classroom Guidance

I teach a series of classroom guidance lessons to every student through the Foundations classes. The goal is to help empower students with the self-knowledge, coping, and life skills to help them become motivated learners, effective communicators, good team members, creative problem solvers, and responsible citizens.

Small Group Counseling

I will facilitate small student groups throughout the year. Small groups usually meet weekly for about 8 weeks and are an excellent way for your child to meet others, gain self-confidence, and develop positive coping skills in a safe and enriching setting. Teachers or paretns may refer students to be part of a group.

Individiual Counseling

I also work with students individually for a variety of reason; such as struggles with peers, anger management, difficulities in the classroom, etc. Referrals for students to meet with a school counselor can be made by classroom teachers, parents, or through student self-referrals.


I will be introducing the Naviance website to all Capitol Hill Middle School students. Naviance is a College and Career planning website used throughout the St. Paul Public Schools. I will meet with the Foundations classes throughout the year and use the Naviance website to conduct various lessons focused on college and career planning.