A History of Humboldt High School

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    George Duncan.

    Humboldt High School was named for Baron Alexander Von Humboldt, a German scientist.  He was also an explorer, geographer, and diplomat, and known as the last universal person.  Humboldt has served the West Side community since 1889.  The school building has grown to 316,000 square feet on 16 acres on Saint Paul’s West Side. 

    The oldest portion of the current facility was built in 1909.  Additions were made in 1924 and 1959.  The newest portion opened in the fall of 1976 as an educational complex for grades 7 – 12.  In the fall of 1981 Humboldt Senior High became a four-year school with the inclusion of 9th grade students.  Humboldt Junior High maintained grades 7 and 8.  In 1982 the two schools formed Humboldt Secondary Complex of grades 7 – 12.

    In 2007 Humboldt Junior High closed and Humboldt became a 7-12 school. Then in 2013 sixth grade was added and Humboldt became one of four 6-12 schools in the district. As of 2020 construction is wrapping up on a three year remodel. Every classroom, hallway, bathroom was redone, moved, and rebuilt. Only the athletic facilities were not updated. We have a new entrance on Baker, a new parking lot, gender-neutral bathrooms, wider hallways.  


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  • old H A Bit of Humboldt History

    Do you remember the exterior building sign from 1909-~1964 on Humboldt Avenue?  It has been in storage since the wood shop, music and FACS classrooms were added ~1964.  It has been securely crated in five large pieces since, but now there is a digital reproduction of the five parts aligned.

    In August 2020, the Humboldt portion of this stone sign was reinstalled at the new entrance to Humboldt High School.