• Our After-School Sports Program offers a variety of sports each season. Each sports season is nine weeks long. Membership on a team requires a desire to play and the appropriate commitment to being a team player.

    In all of the sports programs, Ramsey teams compete against other middle schools in our district. We have four sports seasons throughout the school year consisting of 12 different teams.

    In order to participate in school sports, students must have an Athletic Physical Form on file with the school nurse. The health examination needs to have been completed within the past three years. Students must also turn in a Athletic Permission Form for each sport they play during the year. Please click on the Health Examination and Parent Permission forms on the right under forms. Students can also pick up copies of these forms in the school office or from Ms. Ekegren room (1102).

    Program Objectives:

    • Encourage levels of excellence from our athletic teams that match our expectations in the classroom.
    • Instill appreciation of commitment to team, school and fitness.
    • Teach rules, skills, self-discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, respect and commitment to shared goals.
    • Support positive self-image and confidence gained through athletic participation.
    • Have fun and promote school pride.

    Program Fees: There is an athletic fee for each season to help pay for equipment, uniforms, and a t-shirt for each student athlete. 

    • $15 for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch
    • $30 for students who DO NOT qualify for free or reduced lunch


    • Games: The school will supply transportation to and from away games.
    • Fall Practices: Parents/guardians must provide transportation for their child during the fall season.
    • Winter and Spring Practices: Practices end at 4 p.m. Students must be picked-up promptly at 4 p.m. There are afterschool buses Monday-Thursday, there are no buses on Fridays. Buses will depart at 4:07. The transportation registration form for afterschool bussing can be found on the right under Forms and in the main office.

    Student Athletic Behavior Expectations:

    • Exhibit desirable behavior at all times while representing the school.
    • Respect my opponent, fellow students, team members, coaches and spectators.
    • Exercise self-control at all times, and accept and respect the officials’ judgment and interpretation of the rules.
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship and cooperative behavior.
    • Respect school property and the property of students and community members.

    How to Register:

    • Listen to the morning and afternoon announcements.
    • Complete Athletic Permission Form and Athletic Physical Form and hand it into the office.
    • Forms are handed out during lunches and sports meeting (approximately two weeks before each sport season begins).
    • All forms can be found in the main office at anytime.

    After School Sports Schedules:

    Students Watching After-School Athletics:

    • An adult or staff must accompany students.
    • The adult or staff must actively supervise the student during the entire event.
    • Students watching the game must provide their own transportation home (NO tokens will be given).
    • Students must stay in the activity area for the duration of the event.
    • Students must leave immediately following the event.

Ramsey Athletic Office

Start Dates

  • Fall Sports: September 11th
    Girls Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, and Co-ed Flag Football

    1st Winter Sports:
    October 30th Girls Basketball
    November 20th Co-ed Wrestling

    2nd Winter Sports: January 16th
    Boys Basketball

    Spring Sports: April 9th
    Girls Badminton, Girls Softball, Boys Baseball, and Co-ed Track

Merriam Park

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