2021-2022 Course Registration


    For Current 9-11 Grade Students



    General Information

    Below is a timeline for general information and processes for selecting classes for the next school year. To register for next school year, students will complete an online form (to be posted soon). Directions will be given for current 9-11th grades in their Advisory class on March 15 and 22. 

    Details of a student's schedule with a specific teacher and period are provided in August. 


    Events During Advisory Class

    • Monday, March 15, 2021: Students will receive Pre-Registration Information


  • Course Offerings 

    Harding has a large variety of classes from which to choose. Please see Harding's Course Guide for course descriptions and any prerequisites. Use the menu on the left to navigate by departments.

    *Special Note: It is extremely important that all students register according to the timeline as course offerings and staff are aligned with student registration.  The courses described in the Course Guide will be offered based on student interest and availability of resources.

    Create Your Plan 

    Your success at Harding is important to us!  To help you through the process, we strongly encourage all students to:

    • Select courses that meet graduation requirements, match your interests and support your educational and career goals.
    • Use all of Harding's resources to help you plan.  Share your ideas with your counselors and teachers.  They can provide a variety of insights and suggest opportunities.