Harding Football

2014 Harding Football Team
  • Description of sport: Harding Boys Football is an inclusive no cut football program -- everyone is welcome.

    Where to go for more Information: Athletic Director, Gerry Keenan @ (651)744-3236

    Length of season: 10 Weeks. August 10 - October 16, 2015

    Practice times: School Year: 2:30 - 5:00

    Varsity: Games are Friday nights or Saturday afternoons
    JV: Games are often on Mondays
    C Squad: Games are...

    Eligibility requirements: Grade 9-12. Meet MSHSL and Saint Paul Public School District Eligibility Requirements. Must be on pace to graduate with class.

    Costs and/or needed equipment: Participation fee of $55 or $20 if elegible for free/reduced lunch. All equipment needed will be provided. Optional items to buy include:


  • Head Coach:

    Assistant Coaches:

    • Otto Kraus - Asst Head Coach/Offensive Coord.
    • Chris Black - Asst Offensive Coord.
    • John Zambrano - Asst Defensive Line
    • Paul Jackson - Asst Defensive Linebackers
    • Andrew Southworth - C Squad Coach

Team Calendar

  • View the Team Calendar HERE