Teacher Resources

  • There are many resources available to help SPPS teachers with implementing Personalized Learning strategies and integrating iPads into instruction. Use the resources and links below as a starting point.

    General Teacher Resources
    Margie's Teacher Resources document can be found HERE.

    Additional SPPS Teacher Resources can be found HERE.

    Campus Resources
    For instructional videos:

    Log in to Moodle with your Active Directory credentials.

    Click on "Secondary Teacher User Group."

    Progress at your own pace through the lessons and tutorials that are relevant to you. 

    To learn to take attendance on an iPad:

    Go to bit.ly/campuspad.

    Work through the instructional slides.

    Casper Focus Resources
    Casper Focus is an iPad app that provides teachers with the ability to perform classroom management tasks from their own iPad. You can find more information, support resources, and training videos for Casper Focus HERE.