History and Government

  • Library of Congress - Do you want to put a story back in history and find some things that you have never heard or seen before? The stuff you will see comes from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. The Library is the largest in the world and has millions of amazing things that will surprise you.

    White House - Information on the President, first lady, vice president: America's presidents have represented many states, held different occupations and faced difficult challenges. Learn more about them.

    Today in History - What happened today in history?

    Chiefs of States - The CIA publishes and updates the online directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments regularly. The directory is intended to be used primarily as a reference aid and includes as many governments of the world as is considered practical, some of them not officially recognized by the United States.

    Minnesota Historical Society - The Minnesota Historical Society is chief caretaker of Minnesota's story.  Find out about the 26 historic sites in MN.

    World Digital Library - Free, electronic resource of primary sources in literature, history, science, and religion.