About Our Playground

  • In 1997, neighborhood parents had a dream...a new playground for Horace Mann!

    The parent group began fund raising.  They started selling ice cream, hats, "beannie babies," having garage sales, etc. in an effort to raise money for this project. In fact, Horace Mann's "Family Fun Night" evolved as a result of this effort.

    In addition to the money the parents raised, the Midway Lions Club donated funds, and the St. Paul Star Grant provided a matching grant large enough to see the dream come to life.

    Parents of Horace Mann kids, neighbors, friends from close and far gathered on a Saturday morning and by days end...the playground equipment was together and functional!  Yes, in one day! Local businesses provided food and refreshments for the volunteers!

    What a great addition it is to the wonderful resources available at Horace Mann and the surrounding community.  Just drive by and see the smiles and fun that takes place as a result of the dream and hard work of so many people.

    Thank You to all who helped make this possible!