$30,000 Reached for Playground and Athletic Field Improvement Project!

East is facing up in this picture of the final playground design.
  • Playground: |play-ground| <noun>  a welcoming place; a fun place to play; a place where friendships are developed; a place where community grows!

    Why do the project?

    • Improve drainage issues and enhance safety
    • Make our playground and athletic field usable all year - regardless of weather (last school year we lost 30 days of recess time because of poor playground and field conditions).
    • Neighborhood beautification (improved landscaping and additional seating)
    • Upgrade equipment (6 new pieces) to provide play opportunities for all kids
Be sure to check the "Contributions Progress Slide" regularly (located next to the elevator to see how we are progressing
  • Where is the money coming from?

    • Horace Mann School PTA $30,000.00
    • St. Paul Public School District $30,000.00 (part of this amount is a match of the PTA money)
    • City of St. Paul STAR GRANT $60,000.00 (match of the school district and PTA money)

    To have $120,000.00 for the playground improvement plan the PTA must raise $30,000.00 to complete the project.

    Thank you to everyone who provided their support through...

    • A pledge or contribution
    • Read - a - thon
    • Plant Sale   
    • Target - Take Charge for Education
    • Box Tops for Education
    • Kemps Milk Fundraiser
    • Donation Buckets at Family Fun Nights

    Questions? Contact Susan Lawrenz-Smith, PTA President, at 651.291.8898 or slawrenz99@hotmail.com

    Horace Mann School is a K-6 elementary school nestled in St. Paul's Highland Park community and is known for academic excellence & total personal development focused on individual students. As a  learning community where high expectations for every child are nurtured in a caring and supportive environment -- the school is highly respected for its exceptional teaching staff, its diversity, a "gifted and talented" program of distinction, test scores among the highest in the district, and many academic enrichment opportunities.  Horace Mann School is a welcoming, friendly, caring, and safe environment for learning and enjoys the enthusiastic support of committed families who participate in a myriad of volunteer activities on behalf of the school.

if we drain it they will play

Questions About the Project?

  • Please contact Jim Litwin, Principal, at 651-293-8965 or jim.litwin@spps.org.