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  • 25 Booktalk Reviews 2019 - 2020

    5th grade students are required to read 25 books this school year. This assignment helps to establish a routine for reading daily. It is also an opportunity for the students to become familiar with a variety of literary genres while broadening the selection of books that students choose to read.

    Upon completion of a specified genre, students prepare for a booktalk with an assigned 5th grade partner. As soon as a book is completed, students will produce a written review and on the back side illustrate an important scene from the book. On the interview dates, students will discuss the book and answer questions with their partner during a 5-7 minute booktalk.

     The genres are specified in the list below and are part of the assigned homework for the year. The 25 Books can include books read aloud in class by the teacher, leveled reading done during Reader’s Workshop, or books read during independent reading in class. However, the majority of the reading should take place at home.

    GENRE                                                          DUE DATE

    Student Choice                                              September in classroom

    Realistic Fiction                                              November 8

    Nonfiction                                                      December 6

    Historical Fiction                                             February 21

    Biography                                                      March 27

    Poetry                                                           May 8




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    Ms. Tarnofsky                                                  Mrs. Pickart