Athletics at OWL

T-shirt OWL Archery Club
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    Although we partner with other district schools for some sports, OWL is proud to sponsor three sports that are all our own. 

    Archery Club
    Open boasts Saint Paul’s only school-sponsored archery team, complete with an improvised shooting range and a full set of compound bows.  The coed team practices during enrichment time twice a week and after school.  They compete in tournaments around the metro area, including the state championship every spring.  More information can be found on the OWL Archery website.

    Ultimate Frisbee
    Open’s co-ed ultimate club – the Manatee – started as an informal after school pick-up session, grew into an obsession, and evolved into a competitive team that competes in the high school ultimate league.  The Manatee practice and play games and tournaments as part of the Minnesota High School Ultimate League each spring.  More information can be found on the OWL Manatee webpage.

    Fraquetball is a sport invented by Open students that has grown into a mighty tradition.  Twenty-four two-person teams compete for spots in the playoffs in hopes of attaining the coveted Fraquetball trophy – and yes, there is a real trophy.  Fraquetball is possibly best described as ping pong meets floor hockey; players use a ping pong paddle to try and whack the ball past the opponent’s goalie. Games are played during lunch.  This year games will be played in a new 8th floor hallway.  Read about this long-standing school tradition is a 2007 article about Fraquetball in the Pioneer Press.