Visual Art Standards

  • The Minnesota Academic Standards in the Visual arts consist of 4 Strands.

    Strand 1 is Artistic Foundations.

    Students will be able to identify and apply their knowlege of the elements of art. This includes line, shape and form, color, texture, and space, and value. They will also be able to identify and apply various tools, materials, and techniques used in both two and three-dimensional artworks and demonstrate an understanding of personal, social, and cultural influences these have on arts.

    Strand 2 is Artistic Process:  Create or Make.

    Students will create original two and three-dimensional artworks to to express ideas, experience, or stories. They will also use the feedback of others to revise their artworks.

    Strand 3 is Artistic Pocess:  Perform or Present.

    Students will share and describe personal artworks using the artistic foundations and reflect on the feedback from others.

    Strand 4 is Artistic Process:  Respond or Critique.

    Students will be able to compare and contrast the characteristics of a variety of artworks.