Fitness Testing Info and Results

  • RESULTS FROM 2018-19

    GRADE 4

    % Passing     PACER TEST    PUSH-UP    SIT & REACH    FLEX ARM HANG
    BOYS                  88%                91%            80%                      80%
    GIRLS                 96%                89%            89%                      71%

    GRADE 5
    % Passing     PACER TEST    PUSH-UP    SIT & REACH    FLEX ARM HANG
    BOYS                  78%                74%           59%                       71%
    GIRLS                 89%                91%           85%                       62%


    Students in grades 4-5 will actively participate in fitness testing, using the FITNESSGRAM model, in the fall and spring. The FITNESSGRAM is a comprehensive health-related fitness assessment. One of the unique features of the program is that it allows teachers to produce individualized reports for each student in a class. The report provides feedback based on whether the student achieved the criterion-referenced standards for physical fitness. The use of health-related criteria helps minimize comparisons between students, and to emphasize personal best and fitness for health rather than goals based on performance.

    FITNESSGRAM is a complete battery of health-related fitness items (assessments of cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition) that are scored using criterion-referenced standards. These standards are age and gender specific and are established based on how fit children need to be for good health. Students will be performing the Mile Run or PACER test, Push-Ups, Sit and Reach, and Flex Arm hang tests.