Engineering is Elementary

  • Engineering  is  Elementary

    Type of Engineering
    Literacy Connection, (Location)

    First Grade:
    Mechanical Engineering
    Catching the Wind:Designing Windmills
    Leif Catches the Wind– (Denmark)

    Second Grade:
    Agricultural Engineering
    The Best of Bugs:Designing Hand Pollinators
    Mariana Becomes a Butterfly – (Dominican Republic)

    Third Grade:
    Just Passing Through:Designing Model Membranes
    Juan Daniel’s Futbol – (El Salvador)

    Fourth Grade:
    Electrical Engineering
    An Alarming Idea:Designing Alarm Circuits
    A Reminder for Emily – (Australia)

    Fifth Grade:
    Geotechnical Engineering
    A Sick in the Mud:Evaluating a Landscape
    Suman Crosses the KarnarliRiver – (Nepal)