• Is it too late to join?
    It's never too late to join the chess club. New players are always welcome! Introduce yourself to a parent/teacher/coach when you arrive.

    Do you play in tournaments?
    Some of our players have participated in past tournaments organized by the School Chess Association. These can be attended as individual or a team. We hope to have Horace Mann teams represented in a few.

    Who can play?
    All Horace Mann students (K-6) are invited to play regardless of skill level. Our goal is to have fun.

    When is Chess Club?
    Every Tuesday morning @ 7:45 - 8:30 AM. Meet in the library.

    Can parents help?
    YES! Please come in to play and/or learn along with the kids. There are often a few other parents around quite willing to be "pinned" and "skewered".

    We could also use some chaperons for any tournaments in which we play. These are typically held on weekends and involve keeping an eye on our players in the facilities.

    How do I get those super cool tags?
    Orange Club Tag - Easy - just come a play.
    Black - play a coach
    Red - Puzzle sheet
    Green - take a day to teach the game to a new player
    Blue - notate your game
    Purple - Queen & Rook & King Endgame
    Bronze - Queen & King Endgame
    Silver - Rook & King End Game
    Gold - Pawn & King Defense of Endgame
    Pink - Master a chess opening as white
    Light Blue - Master a chess opening as black