Adams Amity Intern Program

  • Overview

    Adams has a unique program that brings Amity Intern Teachers into our classrooms. These native Spanish-speakers from around the world enrich our children’s learning by bringing different perspectives, cultures and accents to share with the students and the community. The Amity Intern Teachers are sponsored by the Adams Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), not school funds. This program is funded only through the fundraising of the Adams community:

    • Catalog sales
    • Fall and spring festivals
    • Read and Exercise-a-thon
    • Direct donations

    To make this program successful, the Adams community is asked to donate both time and money generously.


    The goal for the Adams Immersion Amity Intern Program is to enrich the student experience by brining Spanish-speaking intern teachers to the school. The program is beneficial for all by:

    • Allowing Adams students to learn about other cultures and hear different accents while allowing the Amity Interns the opportunity to share their cultures and learn about the Minnesota and American cultures.
    • Providing assistance to Adams teachers in the classroom while Amity Interns have the opportunity to teach and learn about a different school system.
    • Allowing Adams families who host and are tios to build a strong relationship with young people from other countries and to have the opportunity to practice their Spanish while Amity Interns get to experience living in an American home and practice their English.


    There are several ways to get involved!

    1.    Host an Amity Intern Teacher. This is a unique experience that allows a family to really get to know a young person from another country, to see your children’s Spanish in action and to develop a lifelong relationship. Host families provide a room, meals and a home environment that allows our interns to feel welcomed and comfortable.

    2.    Become a Tio Family. This is an important commitment where families are matched with an Amity Intern Teacher as tios. Tio families are asked to meet once a week with their sobrino or sobrina in order to provide another connection to the community, develop a strong relationship and be a back-up family as needed.

    3.    Join the flexible list of Amity volunteers. These volunteers will be asked to help by providing a ride occasionally or inviting an Amity Intern Teacher for dinner or a family outing.

    Contact for more info: