What Parents Say About Groveland

  • What do Groveland parents like best about our school?

    “My child loves his teacher so much he’s trying to convince her to move with him to the 2nd grade!”  -- Groveland parent

    “We couldn’t ask for better teachers.  They’re great!” – Groveland parent

    “Groveland has instilled a love of learning and a certain confidence I think only a small, neighborhood school can provide.  I am impressed at the quality of parental involvement and the positive relationship that parents and staff share. It is truly a partnership.  But what I love best is that I've built a network of friends in the other parents I know at Groveland. These are people I know through my local church, preschool and ECFE classes we've attended in the neighborhood.”– Julie Printz, Groveland parent

    “I’ve noticed adults in the building – office, and other staff – who actually know my child’s name!  That feels great as a parent – to know that the school is a strong community.” – Groveland parent

    “If you want to get involved at Groveland, the school community is more than welcoming –very friendly, positive place.” – Groveland parent

    “Groveland is a great school for parental involvement.” – Groveland parent

    “The academic and behavioral expectations are set high enough at Groveland to enable the children to become engaged, eager learners while respecting and appreciating each others' differences.” Jeanne Scheller, Groveland parent

    “The teachers really impress me. I taught for eight years, so I know what I’m looking for.  My children have positive relationships with their teachers. They are challenged appropriately, but still allowed to be kids. They always want to go to school, which to me speaks volumes.  It also impresses me to see the teachers and principal greeting every student, every morning, and walk them out to the buses at the end of the day to give each one a personal good-bye.”– Ann Hobbie, Groveland parent

    “There is a great community at Groveland that is very supportive of each other and our children.”  -- Jean Bergstrom, Groveland parent

    “The school has been incredibly welcoming to our entire family.  Our kids are getting a great education from some of the most committed teachers we have ever met.”  -- Craig Roen,Groveland parent

    “I value the sense of community here – knowing other children and teachers by name, knowing they know my child. It feels supportive and inclusive.” – Jessica Pihlstrom, Grovelandparent

    “We are delighted with the care and personal attention our student has
    received at Groveland.  His teacher is finely attuned to her students'
    progress, both in academics and in terms of social learning, and everyone
    from the front desk clerk to the gym teacher knows him by name.  I have not
    yet met a teacher or staff member who is less than friendly and dedicated.
    It has been very easy to get involved as a parent volunteer, and doing so
    has given me an opportunity to observe that the school's wholesome
    environment is present from the youngest grades all the way through the
    oldest.”  -- Lisa Randall, Groveland parent