Safety at Groveland

  • Groveland Park School Safety
    Children learn and grow best when they feel safe. At Groveland, we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a physically, socially, and academically safe environment. The staff at Groveland truly understands the precious gift of trust parents give when they send their children to us each day. Our sense of community is built on the belief that school is a place of unquestionable safety for all children.

    Physical Safety
    Groveland's safety plan is designed to help students feel and be safe during each part of their school day.The school building is secure throughout the day, with systems in place to take care of children's needs.

    Interpersonal Safety
    Conflict is a normal and inevitable part of social relationships in life. Children, like adults, need to learn how to handle conflict in healthy and productive ways. At Groveland, teachers take the time to teach students how to manage their disputes and find healthy solutions through our school wide behavioral program. We provide ways for students to learn to express their needs and develop skills for resolving problems with others.

    Staff, including a .5 social worker and .5 counselor, provide individual and small group work to help students develop healthy ways to make decisions. Topics and questions are handled in a developmentally appropriate way and the staff works to ensure that media and internet exposure are appropriate and relevant to learning. Groveland is an internationally registered Peace Site and works hard everyday to live up to this ideal.