Peace Site

  • Groveland Park is registered as a Peace Site through World Citizen, which has overseen 181 sites in over 700 countries worldwide. The Peace Pole is located in  front of the school. Peace Poles, a project of the World Peace Society, are seven feet tall and have plates inscribed with the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in several languages. Being a Peace Site affirms, among other things, peace and nonviolence at every level and working toward a safe and healthy environment.

    One way we work for peace at Groveland is through involving students in resolving conflict.  We teach basic strategies to children in order handle their conflicts with others. Children communicate their concerns directly and respectfully, as well as listen to the other side of the story. Teachers and other staff members facilitate this conversation, at which students also make a plan to resolve the issue and avoid it in the future. Many teachers also use classroom meetings or group gatherings to solve problems that arise for the entire class.

    Groveland uses the program Second Steps(Grades K-2) and Steps to Respect (Grades 3-5) curriculum.  Some staff members have also been trained in Responsive Classroom.  In addition to our regular academic instruction, teachers are teaching social skills such as empathy, anger management, and conflict resolution.  It is our hope to create a safe, caring, respectful school environment that teaches students how to handle conflicts and bullying