• Technology is an integral part of your child’s life. It is also an effective learning and teaching tool while helping to connect classrooms to the rest of the world. Like all content areas at school, in technology we are committed to learning experiences that are academically rigorous. Groveland’s technology initiatives  focus on integration within our curriculum, individualized learning, and increased school community communication.

    With all the benefits that technology affords,  we understand it does not replace caring adults. In the intermediate grades, students build up from computer literacy skills to project-based learning and content- based web design. We use our technology to bring the appropriate hardware directly to students. This allows us to integrate technology into our learning process in a more authentic and time effective manner. Groveland students have the use of iPads purchased by Friends of Groveland. The iPads are used as part of the students' regular curriculum. All students will receive iPads  during the school year 2015-16 to further personalized learning.

    Here are a few examples of ways in which we can apply technology to classroom work and school communications:

    • digital photography
    • webstreaming
    • multi-media presentations
    • individualized assessments
    • language translation technology
    • i movie
    • web site design
    • individualized skill building
    • Technology Integration Initiative
    • classroom web sites
    • art history investigations
    • parent-teacher email groups