Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Below you will find the standard curriculum for all Saint Paul schools. Each of our classrooms enhances this curriculum to tailor to the specific interests of our classrooms as well!

    Language Arts
    Print First and Last Name
    Experiences with Language
    Retell Stories
    Follow Directions

    Shapes and Measurement

    Social Studies
    Cultural Awareness
    School Awareness
    Community Awareness
    Family Awareness

    Plants and Plant Growth
    Weather and Seasons
    What's in the Sky?
    Five Senses
    Air, Water, Shelter, Space
    Charts and Graphs

    Application of Processes
    Artistic Choices
    Art in History and Cultures
    Elements and Principles
    Communication of Ideas

    Using the Voice
    Using Instruments
    Composing and Improvising
    Elements and Notation
    Listen, Describe, and Evaluate
    Relationships and Connections
    Music, History and Culture

    Health & Wellness
    Feelings, Behaviors and Choices
    Ways to Keep Healthy
    Body and Dental Hygiene
    Healthy and Unhealthy Foods
    Injury Prevention and Safety
    Helpful and Harmful Drugs
    Exercise and the Heart

    "Academic Standards" is a popular idea but it can be confusing too. Standards are the common expectations for student achievement shared at each grade level; they're about what we expect kids to be able to do. Standards are not the same thing as curriculum...curriculum (like you see above) includes the content and topics we use to help students learn the skills set by the standards. For details about our school's literacy standards, click on the link below...