NCEE Literacy Standards

  • Our students are expected to meet or exceed certain standards developed by the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE). Please note, children are expected to meet these standards by the END of the school year.

    Primary Literacy Standards for Kindergarten (NCEE)

    Reading Standard 1: Print-Sound Code
    • Knowledge of letters and their sounds
    -Identify most letter names and sounds
    • Phonemic awareness
    -Rhyming; isolating and blending onsets (/c/) and rimes (-ake)
    • Reading words
    -Use knowledge to read simple words and high-frequency words

    Reading Standard 2: Getting the Meaning
    • Accuracy and fluency
    -Read level B books that have been previewed, or read a familiar story “emergently”
    • Self-monitoring and self-correcting strategies
    -Follow what they read; make corrections to things that don’t make sense
    • Comprehension
    -Give evidence they understand; can retell story and respond to questions; make predictions

    Reading Standard 3: Reading Habits
    • Reading a lot
    -Choose reading and ask to be read to; listen to books; “reread”
    • Reading behaviors
    -Hold book upright; turn pages; follow text with finger and pay attention
    • Discussing books
    -Give reactions; listen carefully; relate to what others said; use new vocabulary
    • Vocabulary
    -Notice new words and guess their meanings

    Writing Standard 1: Habits and Processes
    -Write daily, without resistance; make an effort to communicate and reread

    Writing Standard 2: Writing Purposes and Resulting Genres
    • Sharing events, telling stories: Narrative Writing
    -Writing contains a “story”, tells events through time; may include gestures or pictures
    • Informing others: Report or Informational Writing
    -Gather, collect and share info about a topic; maintain focus; exclude non-related information
    • Getting things done: Functional Writing
    -Tell someone what to do; write letters; name or label objects and places
    • Producing and responding to literature
    -Re-enact and retell stories; create their own and use literary forms and language

    Writing Standard 3: Language Use and Conventions
    • Style and syntax
    -Use one’s own language and take on the language of authors
    • Vocabulary and word choice
    -Choose words from personal use or books they enjoy
    • Spelling
    -Create readable text; reread own text (during and after writing); use spaces; directionality
    • Punctuation, capitalization, and other conventions (no kindergarten expectations)