Third Grade curriculum

3rd graders studying the life cycle and migration of Monarchs
  • Third Grade:
    Curriculum Outline

    Groveland Park uses the District and National Common Core Curriculum (Literacy only).Groveland Park’s third graders are taught a standards based curriculum.  Ms. Martin and Mrs. Hanson use best practices to guide their instruction and implement the curriculum.

    Reader's Workshop and Mondo Curriculum:
    Reader's Workshop provides students a variety of literacy experiences. All students participate in a Language Skills block, Guided Reading and Independent Reading. During the Language skills blocks students are engaged in various activities that teach: phonics, vocabulary,spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting. Students are alsoinvolved in Guided Reading groups and Literature Circles (latter part of the year).  Each day students have the opportunity to self-select literature. Weekly visits to the library support in-class reading.

    The district adopted curriculum, Everyday Mathematics, is the primary text used. Additional curriculum and activities are supplemented when needed in order to extend learning and meet the needs of all students. The 3rd grade Everyday Math curriculum emphasizes concepts such as: Data & Probability, Geometry & Measurement, Multiplication & Division, Algebra and Problem solving. The concepts are taught through small and large group discussions and math games.

    Writer's Workshop:
    Writer's Workshop aims to support students in their journey as developing writers by introducing them to strategies that make writing effective. Focused instruction helps ensure that students gain adequate mastery of a range of skills and applications.  Each writing session begins with a brief mini lesson about a new writing craft or strategy. Students have the opportunity try out the  strategy they learned during their independent writing time. As students write independently they meet one-on-one with their teacher to discuss their writing. Third grade writers complete the following units: opinion pieces, informative/explanatory text and creative text.

    3rd Grade English Language learners (ELL):
    ELL students work with Groveland’s  MLL specialist.


    Other tidbits about Third Grade...

    Homework Policy:
    Families should expect approximately 20-30minutes of homework almost daily. A packet of homework will go home with each third grader on Thursday and the completed packet is returned the following Thursday.  Your child is expected to read 30 minutes on average each night.
    Parent communication:
    Teacher-parentcommunication is ongoing. We connect through e-mail, phone calls,classroom web sites, volunteer opportunities, Groveland communityfunctions, monthly newsletters, and Spring and Fall conferences.


    Special Events!

    *Science Fair/Writer's & Artist's Fair (a rotating schedule)
    *Art residency

    Field trips:
    *St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (Musician visit and concert)
    *Minnesota Zoo
    *Belwin Outdoor Science
    *Como Planetarium

    Groveland Park Community events:
    *Open House
    *National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID)
    *School picnic

    *'Spirit Days throughout the year