Fourth Grade Curriculum

  • Welcome to the Fourth Grade at Groveland Park Elementary

    Reader Workshop:  Students will engage in reading a variety of literature individually,

    in small group settings and as a whole class.  Genres covered include: poetry, fiction,  non-fiction. 

    Social Studies: Students will study major geographic regions of the United States, with

    Minnesota emphasized in the spring.

    Skills:  Throughout the year,  students will be presented with a variety of activities

    designed to enhance their control of language.  Some of the language areas covered are: 

    antonyms,  synonyms,  prefixes,  suffixes, homophones,  word ladders,  using a dictionary,

      using a thesaurus,  easily confused words, multiple meaning words, inflections and base words.

    Math: Each day  students participate in a Math Review class. These concepts have been presented to students, in the past, 

    but sometimes more practice is needed.  Three concepts are covered in a two week rotation. 

    On the last Friday, students are quizzed -- if 80% of the class passes a concept it will be dropped

    and a new idea started the following week.  The Everyday Math curriculum units are supplemented

    with additional practice materials.  Units of study in fourth grade include: geometry figures, multiplication,

    division, estimation,  fractions, decimals, percents, rates, area, perimeter, organizing data through charts and graphs, solids, weight,

    and measures.

    Writing:  Students will write for a variety of purposes and audiences.  We use the "writing process" which teaches students to progress through the stages of prewriting,  rough drafts, editing and final drafts. 
    Topics of fourth grade: A Moment in Time, Opinion Personal Narrative, Research Projects, and Fictional Narrative.
    Field Trip Destinations:
          Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
          Ordway Performing Arts Center
          Mississippi 'Journey to the Falls"

    In School Residencies:
          Arts Enrichment
          CONNECT Concerts
          Bakken Museum