December 2012 Site Council Minutes

  • Groveland Site Council Notes


    December 4th, 2012 @ 6 PM


    Attendance: Nick Coleman, Amy Krauth, Kate Heilsberg, Heather Sundburg, Rebecca Pedersen, Regan Fox, Kiersten Loose, Jeff Leiknes, Kate Ostrem, Jeremy Lish


    Agenda Reviewed.

    Notes looked over.  No meeting scheduled in November.  This meeting was put on the schedule if we wanted/need it.  Low attendance indicates low interest?


    Agenda Approved.


    Kate Ostrem - FOG

        * Actively getting checks from direct drive, information coming for Panda Packet. 

        * Read-a-Thon for February.  New parents will be pushing this later this year

        * Planning for Celebrate Groveland is in the works already.

        * Groveland Barber shop setting up for a donation later this year.

        * Little Cesear’s pizza money??


    Information concerning the volunteer coordinator role was brought up.  We need to have a more streamlined way in which we organize this.


    Principals Report

    Strong School, Strong Communities


        * direct pathways (Ramsey/Highland) for enrollment. 

        * February15th is the cut-off date for next years enrollment.

        * We will be losing a small, but important, part of our school body who currently reside outside of area F.

        * Total population is currently 525 students. 

        * In October, ELL was discussed, our demographic has shifted so we have had an increase in our ELL support.



    Safety Concerns


    *Principal at Nativity reported a white unmarked van in an alley.  Grandmother of children saw it several times.  Kids/adults thought odd.  Police report filed.  Police stopped by, strong possibility van was just making deliveries.  Another officer stopped by today to reassure us that things are running smoothly.


    *SPPS sent out a letter for families that contained basic safety reminders.


    *The difference between different lockdowns and drills were discussed.



    Discussion around the format of Site Council  -


    Questions asked about, “Why don’t people come to SITE council?”


    _Site Council attendance has dropped across the district. Many schools do not have the traditional Site Council format anymore. Groveland is one of several schools that have retained the format. Attendance has been high until recently. Some of the reasons may be:


    -clearer role, closer relationship, time?


    Some of the solutions may be:

    -helping teachers with grant writing/communication


    -should guests speakers be brought in to talk to community?


    -Parents may not feel they are being represented, may rather have different format to the meeting rather than presentations. More centralized decision making may mean parents feel a different type of involvement in decisions made in school is preferred.


    -Different schools have different approaches that have been effective – such as a PTA, PTO.


    -Two different needs were discussed. (a) a place to learn about what happens at school (b) a place to be social


    Plans were left that we will have an open school meeting on  January 29th, with the goal of implementing a new structure by March.


    Notes submitted by Jeremy Lish.