Groveland Garden Parties

  • You are invited to the Groveland Garden Parties!

    Join us to invest in our school, gardens, our city and ultimately our kids!  Please let us know which dates you will be able to join us.  We would appreciate even if you can only come for a portion of the time.  Please bring any gardening tools, your children, and any snacks you would like to share.  These events are also an amazing way to get to know other Groveland families, burn some calories, learn about gardening, and soak up some good old Vitamin D!  You could even plan a play date for your kids at the event!


    Adopt the Garden for a Week in the Summer

    Each summer, we ask families to "adopt the gardens" for at least one week.  You are welcome to sign up for more than one week.  This involves watering the two main flower beds in front of the building, along with whatever annuals are planted next to the front steps.  This year we will also want to water the plants the Kindergarteners plant around the Peace Pole and the flowers around the new school sign.   It also involves watering the veggie patch in front of the Rec Center, harvesting (take what you want!).  In a normal summer, this usually means watering 2-4 times during your week, but of course it is weather dependent -- sometimes less, sometimes more.  We also ask that you pull any weeds you see while you wait for the watering to be done.  We ask that all families that will sign up for a week come for at least from noon till 12:30 pm on the Saturday, June 1st event so we can give you a quick watering inservice since it seems last year the plants were underwatered and therefore underproduced or died prematurely. 

    Weeks start on MONDAY and end on SUNDAY.  We are also going into September and most of October since last year we had a longer period of heat and the plants dried out prematurely due to lack of water.  We may add more weeks if we have an extended warmth streak. 

    Please email us if you and your family could take a week as well as the best phone number to reach you or if you can join us for any or all of the gardening events. Caroline Farah and/or Tasha Sambs 


    Thanks! Please forward this to other Groveland families you think might be interested.  

    June 10-16, June 17-23, June24-30, July 1-7, July 8-14, July 15-21, July 22-28, 

    July 29-Aug 4, Aug5-11, Aug 12-18, Aug 19-25, Aug 26-Sept 1, Sept 2-8, Sept 9-15, Sept 16-22, Sept 23-29, Sept 30- Oct 6, Oct 7-13, Oct 14-20, Oct 21-27