2nd Grade's Animal World

  • Second grade students are investigating structure, function, interdependence and evolution of living systems. While students are seeking answers of the animal world through observations, interactions, and sharing together we will be working on:

    - Describing and sorting animals into groups according to their phsycial characteristics and behaviors.

    - Describe ways in which an animal's habitat provides for its basic needs

    - Recognize that plants need space, water, nutrients and air, and that they fullfill these needs in different ways.

    - Demonstrate an understanding that animals pass through life cycles.

    - Describe the characteristics of plants at different stages of their life cylces.

    - Identify a need or problem and construct an object that helps to meet the need or solve problem.

    - Describe objects in terms of color, size, shape, weight, texture, flexibility, strength and types of materials in the object.

    Student Made Insects
    After investigating the mealworm, milkweed bug and butterflies. We took our knowledge of insects and created our own following the specifications that it must have antennae, 6 legs, abdomen, thorax, and head.

  • Hand Pollinators
    Students where given the challenge to use the engineering design process to design hand pollinators for a variety of flowers including: jack-in-the-pulpit, poppy, bucket orchid and dutchmen's pipe. The design process included making improvements, to better pick up and drop off pollen, which would increase the chances of a successful pollination.