3rd Grade's Investigation of Life and Space

  • Third graders are extending their animal world adventures of livings systems adding investigations of energy and Earth's structure and process. During our investigations third graders will provide evidence to support their claims, generate scientific questions, and use tools to maintain accurate record of observations. While pratciing this process skills students will be working on:

    - Comparing how different structures of plants and animals serve various functions of growth, survival, and reproduction.

    - Give examples of likeness between adults and offspring in plants and animals that can be inherited.

    - Give examples of differences among individuals that can sometimes give an individual an advantage in surivival and reproduction.

    - Explain the relationship between the pitch of a sound, the rate of vibration of the source and factors that affect pitch.

    - Describe how light travels in a straight line until it is absorbed, redirected, reflected or allowed to pass through an object.

    - Observe and describe the daily seasonal changes in the position of the sun and compare observations.

    - Recognize the pattern of apparent changes in the moon's shape and position.

    - Recognize that the Earth is one of the several planets that orbit the sun, and the moon orbits the Earth.

    - Describe and classify minerals based on their physical properities.  

    Model Membranes

    Students used the engineering desgin process to create model membranes. Our goal was to create a design with materials that would keep our frogs moist and cool from the summer heat.