5th Grade's Inquiries of Variables

  • Fifth grade will be inquiring variables in many different systems: pendelums, life boats, flippers, levers, pulleys, and Earth's ecosystems. During these inquiries we will continue to work on developing our process skills: collecting and explaining relevant evidence, using models to represent natural phenomena, generating scientific questions, planning investigations, and using appropriate tools and techniques in gather data. While further developing all these skills students will be working on:

    - Demonstrate that a greather force an object can produces a greater change in motion.

    - Describe how plant and animal structures and their functions provide an advantage for survival in a given natural system.

    - Explain what would happen to a system such as a wetland, prairie or garden if one of its parts were changed.

    - Give examples of benefits and harmful human interaction with natural sytems.

    - Explain how slow process, such as water erosion, and rapid process such as landslides and volcanic eruptions form features of the Earth.

    - Identify renewable and non-renewable energy and material resources that are find in Minnesota and describe how they are used.


    Ecosystem Webquest

    Ecosystem Research

    MCA Review
    Helpful websites to review science topics in preparation for the 5th Grade Science MCA Exam.