Photoshop As Art

Paul Cezanne painting with Brenda, Photoshop As Art Class
  • Students must take Computer Graphics before they can take Photoshop As Art. Students learn about different artists (painters andphotographers). Students explore Adobe Photoshop, experimenting with layers and filters.

    Photo Search

Layering your name project by May Lor
Cezanne, Photoshop As Art, by Sarah Mensen
Manet painting, Photoshop As Art, by May Lor
Layers with Lemon by Brenda Macias
Layering apples with Filters by Sheila Cruz
Layers with Apples by Sarah Mensen
Original art by Escher, Photoshop as Art, by Leonardo Casterjon
Photoshop as Art, by Willis Gillard
Hopper, Photoshop As Art, by Derek Hernandez