Graduation Requirements

  • The following graduation requirements are specific to Humboldt High School.  You must satisfactory meet all 4 graduation requirements in a timely manner to participate in commencement exercises and receive a high school diploma from Humboldt High School.

    1. Students must earn a minimum of 86 credits to graduate.
    2. Earned credits must consists of the following coursework:
    • 4 years of English (16 credits)
    • 3 years of Math (12 credits)
    • 3 ½ years of Social Studies (14 credits)
    • 3 years of Science (12 credits) - must have 1 year of Biology and 1 full year of Chemistry or Physics; you may not combine partial year of chemistry and physics
    • 1 year of Fine Arts (4 credits)
    • ½ year of Physical Education (2 credits)
    • ½ year of Health (2 credits)
    • ½ year of FACS/Industrial Tech/Business (2 credits)
    • Electives (22 credits)

    3. Taken the ACT or Accuplacer Test
    4. Fulfill Senior Obligations

    • Returned all textbooks and library books
    • Have no outstanding fees (athletics, technology, late library books, and other school-related fees)
    • Completed Senior Survey

    **Students taking & passing concurrent enrollment courses (CIS and PSEO) will receive both high school and college credit.  See your school counselor for more information.

    Need to make up Credits or Classes?

    Students deficient in credits and/or required coursework for graduation are encouraged to participate in credit recovery options. 

    1. Summer School – students may earn up to 12 credits for 3 courses. Students who miss more than 2 days during summer school will receive no credit and will be automatically dropped.
    2. Alternative Learning Center (ALC) at Gordon Parks High School (Evening High School) – You must be at least 16 years old to enroll in ALC at Gordon Parks.  Seniors may take 3 courses per quarter.  Non-Senior students may only take 2 courses per quarter.  Enrollment for ALC at Gordon Parks is the 1st week of the school year or last week of each Quarter.   You must have a counselor referral to participate in ALC at Gordon Parks.

    To ensure you are on track to graduate in the June, please review the graduation requirements and make an appointment with your school counselor for a graduation check.