Making the Most of Middle School

  • Your middle school experience at Humboldt High School is important to us.  Transitioning from elementary to middle school is a major change for many students.  We want every student to successfully navigate middle school, get the most of your educational experience, and be prepared for higher education.  Follow these guidelines to get the most of your middle school experience at Humboldt High School. 

    Attendance is Important – The more time you spend in school and classes means more time learning.  All students have an A and B Day schedule.  The school alternates between the schedules for each new school day to accommodate course offerings and electives.  We understand that students may become ill or have family emergencies that make it difficult to attend school everyday, therefore we ask parents and guardians to please contact the school at (651) 293-8600 immediately to report the absence.   Remember, please try to minimize absences and tardiness as it impacts your child’s learning.

    Use the Student Planner – Each student is given a free student planner at the beginning of the school year or upon enrollment.  The student planner is a useful tool that helps students be organized.  Students are encouraged to write down daily assignments and important reminders in the student planner.   Also located in the student planner are the school rules, expectations, reference guides, hallway pass slips and important parent and student forms. 

    Lockers – Every student will have their own locker to hold coats, backpacks, books, and materials.  All lockers are located on the first floor of the building.  Having school issued lockers may be a new experience for some students but if you experience trouble accessing your locker, please contact a teacher or counselor to assist you.  To prevent lost or stolen items from lockers, do not share your locker or locker combination with other students.

    Routines are Important – Having daily routines will make your transition into middle school easier.  Set routines in wake up times, breakfast, being at the bus stop five minutes early, being on time to class, asking questions when you don’t understand, homework hours, and bedtimes will help you manage your time. 

    Enjoy Free Breakfast – Did you know that all students can get free breakfast at Humboldt every morning?  There are no qualifications or forms needed to participate in the Free Breakfast program.  Each morning breakfast carts are located in the first floor hallways from 7:15-7:30 A.M.  Please use the sharing cart for any items you do not want.  Students may take additional items from the sharing cart. 

    Get Involved at School – There are many opportunities for students to be engaged at Humboldt.  Students can participate in sports, performing arts, leadership programs, college access programs, student support groups, and clubs.  A wide range of programs are available throughout the school year and after school.  For more information about specific opportunities and programs, please contact your counselor.

    Struggling at School? – There are many reasons why students struggle in middle school.  If students, parents, and guardians notice that the middle school experience is difficult and challenging, please contact your school counselors and social workers.  Our support staff are great resources for students and parents.  We are committed to working with parents, guardians and students to support and address any concerns.