Halloween Party - YMCA

  • "The Friendship Club was awesome. We could not have done it without your help and assistance. Give your Humboldt kids a big thumbs up for a job well done." We served approximately 500 kids, parents and friends during the evening. We ran carnival games, face painting, coloring, and origami, jumping tent, fish bowl, bowling and more. We also did a gigantic clean up putting away tables, chairs, tent, and trash. They treated us to a hot dog, chips, and a drink.

    We worked with the Midway YMCA, St. Paul Parks and Recreation, St. Paul Public Libraries, Ginkos and Recreation Centers Dunning, Griggs, Hancock, Linwood, West Minnehaha, Martin Luther King and Scheffer. Thank you Bev Wittgenstein and your entire staff from Parks and Recreation, you were great. Thank you to YMCA staff, David Dominic, Derrick Wendorf, Ann Stolp and more. Great Team effort by all.

    "We Share, We Care. We Serve, We Learn. Today's Students. Tomorrows Leaders. No small act of kindness is ever wasted. No man is an island; we are all connected to one another. Great Kids doing Great Things for the community. The Friendship Club donated 250 hours to this great Halloween event. -^. 50

    Seniors^ Carlos Luna, Tom Lor, Bee Yang, Que Yang, Bethany Ortiz, Debbie Lou, Kayla Fearing, Sunny Vang, Pedro Herrandez, Chafie Thao, Kevin Michael

    Juniors, Pheng Lee, Kai Moua, Rayna Contreras, Zach Buse, Daniel John, Ayana Hicks, Dominick Fields, Kathe Larocque, Andrew Purfell, Stephen Jones.

    Sophomores. Mario Luna, Shiny Vang, Kayla Yang, Myranda Ketcham, Rebecca  Schiling, Amicia Morgan, Raige Tuit, Subira Walker, Taliana Fisher, Heather Hen-era, Stephanie Allman, Chris Yang, Keith Larocque, Anessa Hicks, Gaofeng Thao, David Oritz, Sigrid Anne.

    Freshmen. Grade School. Pre-School, Cha Yang, Marina Weems and Rakem New from

    Crosswinds Grade School, Stephanie Fearing 2 yrs old. Kip, Rachel Mosca.

    Staff, Adults. Super Staff Leaders, John Ekblad, Science Teacher, Mike Schuize computer expert, Nikki Schilling, teacher Ames School, Jean Allan, Pat Lynch, Tiffany Fearing.

    Friendship Club, 1964-2007, 43 years of teaching Leadership, Citizenship and Service to the Community. We receive no money, credit or grades for serving others. We miss no school or class time. We accept all and reject none. We are open to people of all ages, races, faiths, abilities, schools, and boys and girls. Over 15,000 people of all ages have reached out to serve over 50,000 in the last 43 years. We serve people in high rises, nursing homes, cancer homes, and senior citizens at home. We do environmental projects such as plant gardens, trees and flowers. We pick up litter and trash from lakes, parks, rivers, schools and neighborhoods. "We Share. We Care. We Serve, We Learn."

    Co-Founders, Gary M. Ales, Jean Allan Ales. 1964-2007