Basement Cleanup

  • We met at Humboldt H.S. at l0:00 am and formed up with sign in and Friendship Club shirt distribution and planned out our work schedule.

    We did a gigantic basement clean-out for 80 year old, Grandpa L. He was awed by the team effort and how the kids worked so fast and so well together. He was truly appreciative and grateful for all the work done by the kids. “These are some great kids”, he said. We totally filled the dumpster as Don supervised the filling and sorting. We worked with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. It was dirty, dusty and heavy but we did it all.

    Our principal Mr. Mike Sodomka treated the kids after the event to hot dogs, chips and a pop back at school. Gail Merriam from Neda also brought pop for the kids at the work site. We donated approximately 75 hours.


    35 Volunteers

    Supper Stars and Leaders Seniors, Darryl Johnson, Tom Lor, Calvin Gilkey, Kevin~Michae1, Jean Ruth Debbie Lou, Sunny yang, Teddy Getachew. Juniors, David Alan, Daniel John, Briana Heams

    Sophomores , Karma Williams, Paige Tuit, Mario Luna, Subrira Walker, ‘ ‘~

    Heather Herrar, Shiny yang, Kay la Yang, Amica Morgan.

    Qffier Schools, Brett Murphy, 12, JHS, Chris Richard, 10, Harding H.S.

    Clay Penning, 9th, Lakeville South, H.S., Brittany Penning, 6th, Kenwood

    Trail Middle School, Emily Penning, 4th, Lakeville Elementary.


    Adults, Alummni, Staff Supper Leaders, John Ekblad, Science teacher, Carolyn

    Penning, Science teacher, Nikki Schilling, teacher, Ames School,

    Terry Cummings, Otto Bremer Foundation, Anthia Johnson, St. Paul Technical

    College, Jean Allan, Gail Merriam, Neda, Don Dufeck, loader.