Allan Olvera

  • Me teaching Intro to Journalism Welcome to my web page!  My name is Allan Olvera, and this is my 12th(!) year at Johnson High School.

    This 2022-2023, I teach Intro to Journalism, English 12 (World Literature).

    In the past, I've taught: English 9, Reading 10, English 12 (World Literature), Writing for College,  Debate, Grammar Matters, Intro to Journalism, World Lit./GRAD, Fundamentals of English, Advanced Reading Instruction, College and Career Reading, GRAD Writing, and GRAD Reading.

    As for who I am - aside from being an English teacher, I have had many different jobs and have travelled the world. Other random facts about me include:

    • rock climbing           • long-distance running          • Writing

    • logic puzzles            • crosswords                         • paper art

    • reading news           • graphic design                    • art (in general)

    • soccer                     • history                               • cooking

    • philosophy               • learning langauges              • pop culture



    Also, I am currently an advisor for the school's newspaper, The Johnson Courier.

    Here's a link: The Courier