Principal Mike Sodomka

  • Mr. Sodomka came to us from Highland Park Senior High where he was an administrative intern and special education teacher. He has over 10 years experience working with special education students, specifically students with emotional or behavior disorders. Mike received his degrees and licenses from St. Cloud State University, University of Minnesota and St. Mary's University of Minnesota.

    In his free time, Mike enjoys biking, cross country skiing and fishing. He is also an avid reader. He feels students need to recognize how school is connected to life beyond high school. Life is not easy for everyone so he lives by the motto "I will persist until I succeed".

    Parent Connections

    I recognize I need to communicate frequently with parents, however it is difficult to reach each of you regularly.  We have developed this part of the website to provide immediate access to information related to Humboldt High School. 

    If you would like to speak to me about a question or concern, please call me at 651-744-5532,  ext. 45532 or email me at

    Thank You

Parent Teacher Organization

  • Parents, we want your advice.  Please come to our PTO meetings on the first Monday of the month from 5:30-6:30 PM in the auditorium.  We appreciate your input.  A light dinner is provided.