Johnson's Annual MultiCultural Festival

  • Johnson High School's annual MultiCultural Festival began in the spring of 2007. It was sponsored by the Arts Communications and Humanities Academy in cooperation with the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Academy. Students from those academies helped plan it, based loosely on Central's and Harding's models. Our partners at 3M, led by Dick Streeper, also contributed. Just the 200 students in those two academies attended the festival, though students from throughout Johnson set up the booths and entertained the crowd. Prizes were awarded to the dancers from Motion Crew and the Venezuela booth. It was a great success. Since 2008, the festival has been available for students whose teachers signed up, and 5th graders from Farnsworth attend as well. There are more booths with great food, more varied entertainment acts, and games. Be sure to check out our photo gallery!