Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSI)

  • Course Number(s): T531713, T531714
    Length: 2 Semester (4 Credits)
    Prerequisits: Principles of Engineering
    Grade: 10

    Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) is a new course that aims to develop computational thinking and to generate excitement about the field of computing. The course also aims to build students’ awareness of the tremendous demand for computer specialists. Each unit focuses on one or more computationally intensive career paths. Students practice problem solving with structured activities and progress to open-ended projects and problems that require them to develop planning, documentation, and communication skills. Problems aim for entry level ability so that all students can successfully engage the problems but students with greater motivation, ability, or background knowledge will be challenged to work further. The course contains the following units:

    Unit  1 - Algorithms, Graphics, and Graphical User Interfaces
    Unit  2 -The Web
    Unit  3 - Discover in Data and App Invention
    Unit  4 - Predicting, Understanding, and Communicating with Simulation