Course Information

  • This course introduces students to the world’s cultures through the study of world affairs, regional studies, and cultural awareness. The course delves into history, geography, religions, languages, culture, political systems, economics, social issues, environmental concerns, and human rights. It looks at major events and significant figures that have shaped each region.

    **All cadets enrolled in this course are REQUIRED to wear the Air Force JROTC service uniform and the issued fitness uniform at least one day each week.


    Cultural Studies:

    1. Know how historical, geographic, religious, and ethnic factors have shaped the six major regions of the world.
    2. Know how economic, political, and social factors impact cultures.
    3. Know how environmental resources influence global economic development.
    4. Know how population density, famine, war, and immigration influence the world.
    5. Know how the economic systems of communism and capitalism have shaped the six major regions of the world.
    6. Comprehend how cultural perspectives of time, space, context, authority, interpersonal relationships, and orientation to community affect interactions among people.