Course Information

  • This is an aviation history course that focuses on the development of flight throughout the centuries. It starts with ancient civilizations, then progresses through time to modern day. The emphasis is on civilian and military contributions to aviation; the development, modernization, and transformation of the Air Force; and a brief astronomical and space exploration history. It is interspersed with concise overviews of the principles of flight to include basic aeronautics, aircraft motion and control, flight power, and rockets. 

    **All cadets enrolled in this course are REQUIRED to wear the Air Force JROTC service uniform and the issued fitness uniform at least one day each week.


    1. Know the historical facts and impacts of the early attempts to fly.

    2. Know the major historical contributors to the development of flight.

    3. Know the contributions of the U.S. Air Force to modern aviation history.

    4. Know the key events of space exploration history.