Leadership Education 400

  • This is the fourth in the Leadership Education series. This course provides exposure to the fundamentals of management. The text contains many leadership topics that will benefitstudents as well as provide them with some of the necessary skills needed to put into practice what they have learned during their time in AFJROTC. We are confident this course, coupled with what cadets have already learned during their time in AFJROTC, will equip them with the qualities needed to serve in leadership positions within the corps. Throughout the text are many ethical dilemmas, case studies, and role play activities built into the lessons. These activities are based on real life experiences and will allow students the opportunity to practice what they learn by getting involved in discussions and expressing their opinions.

    The course objectives are:

    1. Know the history and the importance of management.
    2. Know the techniques and skills involved in planning and decision making.
    3. Know the importance of managing change, stress, and innovation.
    4. Know the key elements of individual and group behavior, the importance of thecommunication process, and the characteristics of a good leader.