Leadership 500: Drill and Ceremonies

  • The Drill and Ceremonies course is based upon Air Force Manual 36-2203, dated 20 November 2013.  It provides an in-depth introduction to Air Force drill and ceremonies.The course concentrates on the elements of military drill, and describes individual and group precision movements, procedures for saluting, drill, ceremonies, reviews, parades, and development of the command voice. Students are provided detailed instruction on ceremonial performances and protocol for civilian and military events and have the opportunity to personally learn drill. Though each class will follow an established lesson plan, most of the work is to be hands-on.

    The course objectives are:

    1. Know the importance of drill and ceremonies.
    2. Know basic commands and characteristics of the command voice.
    3. Apply and execute the concepts and principles of basic drill positions and movements.
    4. Know when and how to salute.
    5. Apply the principles and procedures of drill movements used with smaller units to themovement of a squadron.
    6. Know the function of the group and the wing.
    7. Know how groups and wings are formed.
    8. Know the purpose and definition of ceremonies and parades.