Wellness Program

  • Wellness is an official and integral part of the Air Force Junior ROTC program. It consists of two exercise programs focused upon individual base line improvements with the goal of achieving a national standard as calculated by age and gender. Cadets will be given the opportunity to put into practice the wellness concepts that are taught in Leadership Education courses and other activities cadets enjoy such as team sports in order to keep the Wellness Program fun and motivating. Cadet fitness improvement is rewarded, either by earning the Wellness Ribbon, Physical Fitness Award, or both.

    The course objective for the Wellness Program is to:

    Motivate AFJROTC cadets to lead active, healthy lifestyles beyond program requirements and into their adult lives.

    The goals of the Wellness Program are to:

    1. Create an individualized training program based on national standards by age and gender.
    2. Identify areas of improvements for each cadet and provide guidance for improvement.
    3. Incorporate a physical training program to reach fitness goals.

    Physical Fitness Challenge

    Cadets complete the Physical Fitness Challenge twice each year, at the beginning and end of the school year. Cadets can earn awards for three different levels of achievement (Gold, Silver or Bronze) depending on their overall score in all five fitness areas.  Throughout the school year cadets will practice the challenge events and be able to compare their level of fitness improvement on their challenge scores.