Air Force Inspections

  • MN-941 received a Distinguished Unit with Merit (DUA w/Merit)

    on our Unit Evaluation on February 28th, 2020. 

     Grading criteria can be seen in the "Assessment Checklist and Rubric".

    The Air Force is required by Department of Defense Instruction 1205.13 to annually evaluate the operation, administration, and effectiveness of the overall AFJROTC program and the individual units for contractual compliance, cost, and performance. 

    Types of external assessments that affect MN-941 are Unit Evaluations (UE), HQ-Requested Visits, and School-Requested visits.  An external assessment is conducted by an HQ AFJROTC appointed representative, normally a Regional Director (RD).  External assessments can occur anytime throughout the year and maybe conducted with or without prior notice.

    AFJROTC units will conduct "internal" self-assessments every year. These will be reported to HQ AFJROTC no later than 15 March of each year.  If the unit is scheduled to receive an external visit during the school year, a self-assessment must be submitted prior to the external assessment date.

    HQ or School-Requested visits may be conducted if the SASI or Principal believes the unit requires HQ AFJROTC intervention and requests an out-of-cycle visit.  Further, if HQ AFJROTC believes the unit requires an out-of-cycle visit to address unusual or problematic circumstances, the RD will conduct a visit either with or without prior notice.