How to Clean the Uniform

  • During the school year uniforms may be cleaned at home.  Blue shirts may be washed, but pants, service coats and hats cannot be washed, they MUST be drycleaned.  You can take them to a professional drycleaner each time they need cleaning, or you can use at-home drycleaning kits.  A couple products that work well are Dryel or Woolite.  They clean the uniform well and cost much less than a professional drycleaner.  These pictures are examples of what Home Drycleaning Kit products look like.

    At the end of each schoolyear, uniforms must be turned back into the AFJROTC program.  When they are turned in they MUST BE PROFESSIONALLY DRYCLEANED, then turned in still in the bag on the hangar with a copy of the receipt attached.