Air Force College Options

  • The United States Air Force sponsors several eductional opportunities that help pay for some, or even all, of the cost of a college education.  This page has links to the Air Force Academy and AFROTC webpages for more information, as well as links to the webpages for the University of Minnesota, St Thomas University, Univeristy of Minnesota - Duluth and North Dakota State University Air Force ROTC detachments.  These are "Host Universities",

    There are several "Crosstown Universities" in the area as well.  A host university is one that offers an Air Force ROTC program to its students right there on campus.  A crosstown university offers Air Force ROTC, but students take their AFROTC classes each week at the nearest host university.  See the link for a list of which crosstown universities are associated with those AFROTC detachments listed below.  An example of a crosstown university is Century College.  Students can enroll in the Century College ROTC program and attend the ROTC classes held at St Thomas University.

    The U.S. military service academies and ROTC are great ways to continue your education past high school.  Although this page only has links to Air Force units, there are service academies and ROTC detachments for all branches of the US military that can be found simply by doing an online search for the type of unit of your choice.

    US Air Force Academy:

    US Air Force ROTC:

    University of Minnesota ROTC Catalog (All Services):

    University of Minnesota Air Force ROTC (Det 415):

    St Thomas University AFROTC (Det 410):

    North Dakota State University AFROTC (Det 610):

    University of Minnesota - Duluth AFROTC (Det 420):